Photo: Renato Mangolin

"Bô" is a creation about fast incorporations, fleeting states, contamination. It is the result of the work of releasing the disposition for improvisation. What can dance do with improvisation? "Bô" brings to the scene states in which each one perceives and incorporates in its way immaterial presences that inhabit the world. It is an invitation to sensitize the look, to cut back on the moments in which the scene (or life) suggests a more subtle perception.
Created in 2015, the show premiered  at the Arena Carioca Dicró, and was presented at the theaters Eva Hertz, Angel Vianna and Cacilda Becker, in Rio de Janeiro.

Alice Ripoll

Alan Ferreira, Alex Tavares, Leandro Coala, Liuz LA e Rômulo Galvão

Assistant director
Anita Tandeta

Costume Designer
Raquel Theo

Lighting Designer
José Geraldo

Pictures and video
Renato Mangolin

Daniel Kucera

Centro Coreográfico do Rio de Janeiro

Artistic photos
By Renato Mangolin

Stage photos