Created in 2012, the piece was co-produced and premiered at the Panorama Festival in Rio de Janeiro.

Superpowers, challenges, attack, defense and meditation; Eastern philosophy and guerrilla. These are the elements that set the mood for Katana, which deals with the universe of their heroes.

Their references include both a fictitious world – anime, comics and games – and a real one, with the real life characters that inspire the group. Imagination is on the loose: Ninjas, samurai, Brazilian rappers MV Bill and Emicida and each one of us.

Alice Ripoll

Alan Ferreira, Alex Tavares, Erick Nery, Leandro Coala, Liuz LA

Assistant director
Anita Tandeta

Lighting Designer
Leandro Barreto
Rodrigo Marçal

Costume Designer
Paula Ströher

Centro Coreográfico do Rio de Janeiro

Stage photos
By Rodrigo Buas