From contemporary dance and circus elements, the piece explores and transposes the idea of the contort act. If in the contortionism we must arrive and sustain a position, in this research we keep on a constant course through these poses. On the stage an interpreter digests her solitude as a ruminant animal - through this constant digestion, and also a certain discomfort that persists, we approach the fact that we are always in search of a more comfortable position, which soon must be another.

The snail with its flexible body slowly passes over things, molds itself and embody everything to proceed, as well as a creeper, or an idea in process.

It was awarded at Programa de Fomento à Cultura Carioca 2013. Its première was in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) in june 2014, and was presented at the Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, na França.

Alice Ripoll

Performance and creation
Camila Moura

Lighting Designer
Andrea Capella
Daniel Castanheira

Set and costume designer
Raquel Theo

Artistic photos
By Renato Mangolin

Stage photos
By Renato Mangolin