Photo: Inês Correa

Two extremely close bodies. It is possible to recognize the smell, the taste, the texture of the skin. Searching for movements where one takes the other, or is taken, the piece investigates the relationship of proximity between two bodies, two people. We use elements that delimit a specific space, such as a chair, a mattress, cracks in clothes and each other bodies.
In addition to concrete spatial limitations, the use of such elements creates images of metaphorical boundaries with their impossibilities and pleasures.

Created in 2008, the play was premiered at the Panorama Festival in Rio de Janeiro and was presented at the Ciudad en Movimiento Festival in Havana, Cuba.

Performance and creation
Alice Ripoll e Fernando Klipel

Alex Cassal, Daniela Wiemer, Juliana Medella, Letícia Nabuco.

Art design
Tiago Rivaldo

Lighting Designer
Leandro Barreto

Costume Designer
Paula Ströher

Artistic photos