Is a contemporary dance performance aimed at children. With everyday scenes that are permeated by fantasy, the show tackles the different sensations that the child develops with its exquisite sensitivity. The dramaturgy seeks to reveal the dimension that children attribute to their experiences.

The events gain their joust proportions as if they pursued a varying timeline, composed by spiral rhythms. Habits that are repeated by the strength of routine and feelings that take us in waves serve to mark the passage of time within us.

According to the words of the critic Cadu Mello, "the dramaturgy reveals the urban battle, the challenge of living with what differs and the challenge of consolidating the legitimacy of being a kid, playing in the midst of all these crackles.
While the characters change clothes, rehearse and create game in pairs, they reveal the layers of which the individual is made of (…) the dramaturgy and the actor’s physical resources invest in the children’s reflective capability of comprehension in less usuals spheres such as sensibility and senses. The bodies on stage give shape to dream fragments, nightmares, fights and a variety of feelings that are addressed to our bodies, from head to toe."

The show was part of the project cia Rec - Maintenance 2015 contemplated by the program  Fomento à Cultura Carioca (Foment of Carioca Culture) from the municipal secretary of culture of Rio de Janeiro, and premiered in November 2015 at Panorama Festival, having already performed at public spaces such as Quinta da Boa Vista, Campo de Santana, Madureira Park and in the Angel Vianna Theatre (CCo). In 2016 the show circulated through the state of Rio sponsored by the grant Olympic City Foment (SMC / city hall of Rio).

Alice Ripoll

Alan Ferreira, Alex Tavares, Leandro Coala, Liuz LA e Rômulo Galvão

Alan Ferreira, Leandro Coala, Rômulo Galvão e Tony Ewerton

Assistant director
Anita Tandeta

Costume designer
Raquel Theo

Lighting designer
Andrea Capella

Renato Mangolin

Daniel Kucera - Estúdio ▲
Supported by
Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro e Rafael Machado Fisioterapia

Festival Panorama 2015 - Panorama Carioca na Cidade das Artes

Age rating
ER —  Especially recommended

Artistic photos
By Renato Mangolin

Stage photos
By Renato Mangolin